Coaching Packages


There’s an option for everyone. If you made it this far and feel like you can’t afford my prices, let’s chat. I am always willing to discuss sliding-scale payment options to make these practices as accessible as I can.


Breathe-Easy Chat

We should probably chat before we decide we want to work together. You can breathe easy knowing you’re choosing the right instructor, and I can breathe easy knowing I’m choosing the right student. [Free]

Next Steps

  • Schedule a time that works for both of us here.

  • Bring your questions, hesitations, and potential skepticism.

  • You can leave your wallet at home - it’s free!

Month to Meditator

Ready for a month long foundational journey? I would be honored to guide you. [$175]

What’s Included

  • 2 1-1 video calls with me

  • Weekly meditation videos

  • Suggested practice schedule with mental exercises, drills, and techniques.

  • The benefits of meditating, obviously.

In-Person Yoga & Mindfulness Coaching: Madison, Wi

New to yoga? Curious about what this ‘stretching and some other stuff’ can do for your mind and body? Want to build a foundation in the physical, philosophical, spiritual, or meditative aspects of yoga? We can develop a plan for you. [$75]

What’s Included

  • In-person 1-1 instruction

  • Recorded classes to suit your body

  • Suggested mental exercises, drills, and practices

  • The benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation!

Single Session Coaching

Desiring one super powerful meditation session where you gain as many tools as you can for the rest of your meditation journey? Great option for past student of mine, meditators who could use a little guidance, or anyone not yet willing to commit to a month long process but ready for one session. [$75]

What’s Included

  • One 1-1 video call with me

  • 1+ meditation videos

  • Suggested mental exercises, drills, and practices

  • The benefits of meditation!