Who am I?

That’s a loaded question, and it’s a central question that many of the oldest philosophical and spiritual traditions seek to uncover. I’m along for the journey, riding the waves of discovery and creation alongside you. Here are some aspects of my identity. Oh, and my name is Jeremiah Zuba and I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Meditation Coach: I’ve worked with over 400 meditators in both group and individual settings.

  • Yoga Teacher: I’ve supported and/or led 8 200-hour yoga teacher trainings around the country.

  • Wellness Curriculum Writer: I spent the last 2 years writing meditation and wellness curriculum for a national yoga teacher training.

  • Mind-Body Artist: I’m an artist leading mind-body community art projects in the Madison community.

  • Student of Life: Perhaps above all, I am a student of each experience, of each person, and of each moment, soaking it all up and consciously expanding with pulse of the universe.

I’d love to hear from you! Send a message in the text box or schedule a 30 minute meeting with me below.