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Let’s start with some basics

Why 1-1 coaching?

Out of the hundreds of students I have worked with, every one of them was at a different point in their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual life. I know there are countless yoga classes, meditation apps, and books you could learn from, so why pay for coaching with me? Well, 1-1 coaching is just that, it’s one-on-one, individual, and designed to meet you exactly where you’re at, designed to suit your needs, desires, and lifestyle, and designed to evolve with you.

Why men’s coaching?

I find that many men have an interest in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, etc. but don’t know where to begin. Showing up to a yoga class can feel intimidating and learning to meditate on your own can be a challenging task. No matter how tight, inflexible, injured, strong, large, small, or unsure you are, I can support you in developing a worthwhile practice.

What are the benefits?

Countless. These practices can reduce stress and anxiety, increase sleep, focus, awareness and attention, and enhance your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Cultivating flexibility and openness in your mind and body can support you in fostering mindful and life-affirming relationships. I invite you to have high expectations and to come ready to work for your well-being.

Coaching Packages

Yoga Foundations

Learn the foundations of the physical practice of yoga. Gain confidence to deepen your own practice at home or in group classes. We’ll focus on what you want / need - building strength, balance, stability, flexibility, etc. while working with any injuries or limitations you might have.

Meditation & Mindfulness Foundations

Develop an efficient, effective, and sustainable practice that suits your needs, desires, and lifestyle. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into the framework of your life.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Develop or deepen your yoga and meditation practice while learning about the philosophical, meditative, and lifestyle teachings of these traditions.

Go & Flow

A little bit of this, a little bit of that; we’ll see as we go. Options include yoga poses, meditation, mindfulness, philosophy, breathwork, etc.


Below are my standard rates. In the spirit of accessibility, I am always open to discussing sliding-scale payment options and alternative exchange options. Sessions take place in-person, unless suitable for video calls (meditation & mindfulness coaching).

1 1-hour session - $50

1 2-hour session - $95

2 1.5-hour sessions $135

4 1-hour sessions $165


Schedule a Free Breathe-Easy Chat

What is yoga?

In modern Western culture, we tend to define yoga as a physical fitness regime that uses stretching, breathing techniques, and mindfulness to increase well-being. This is definitely part of the story… and yoga is so much more.

Yoga is skill in action. — Bhagavadgītā 2.50

Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind. — Yogasūtra 1.2

When the senses are firmly reigned in, that is thought to be yoga. — Kaṭha Upaniṣad 6.11

Yoga is the direct means to perceive reality. — Unknown sūtra quoted in Śaṅkarācārya’s Brahmasūtrabhāṣya 2.1.3

*Insert hundreds more ancient and modern definitions of yoga.

What is meditation?

I choose to leave meditation undefined, because I know that it’s a constantly evolving practice with almost limitless possibilities, techniques, benefits, use-cases, etc. For me, it has been the single most powerful tool to cultivate holistic well-being. Together we will explore meditation and mindfulness basics, with options to dive into breathing techniques, somatic exercises, energy work, visualization, mantras, emotional cultivation, and so much more. Most importantly, I will support you in developing a sustainable practice that actually excites you.

Student Testimonial

“Jeremiah is a gifted yoga teacher, mentor, and guide. His warm and genuine disposition immediately puts his students at ease and creates an environment where one is willing to open up and share themselves. Jeremiah encourages his mentees to live life to their fullest potential. His skills as a meditation instructor and guide are profound. He has a magic about him as he helps his students see their own strengths and continue to grow into their best possible selves. What a gift it is to have a teacher that helps you believe in yourself through encouragement, provides gentle feedback for potential growth, facilitates meaningful insights, and shares his own loving spirit.” -Nisa G.